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Moving People with Moving Photography for Uber

September 9, 2013

At Gamma Nine, we make a point to differentiate ourselves by highlighting our decades of sales and marketing experience. That’s not just a convenient catchphrase or jargon for a sales pitch — we’re very self-aware of our strengths as more than just photographers, and our passion is to leverage that unique background for our clients.  This was all the more evident in our recent collaboration with Uber’s design team to shoot the imagery for their new website.


First, make no mistake, Uber is an brilliant company with talented cross-disciplinary leaders, and the support of the savvy design and branding team at Noise 13.  While the local San Francisco tech and startup world isn’t always aligned with typical Fortune 100 or Madison Avenue ad agency workflows anyway, even more so for Uber to be aggressive about re-doing their website in their own way, and without dozens of branding meetings, focus groups, user studies, and involving marketers and media buyers, etc.  Their design team is passionate about the Uber brand, their customers, and the future of their services; with our marketing background, Gamma Nine was also gung-ho and on-board to translate that branding and vision into photography.  Indications so far are that the website “facelift” hit the spot.

The main photos are lifestyle-esque, shot in a fashion photography style, with professional models, make-up artists, and stylists, and various real-life locations.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Beyond that, we spent days in the studio to iconify the various Uber services with painstaking car photography.

While we can’t reveal the roadmap for all the future imagery and marketing still in the pipeline, let’s just say we’re thrilled for a lot of future projects still to come.


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