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G9 Insider: 9 Events Not to Miss at the 2013 SF Chefs

July 31, 2013


SF Chefs is the culinary highlight of the year for Gamma Nine and countless other foodies, bars, and restaurants in the Bay Area.   From our years of behind-the-scenes experience, we wish it were possible to see every chef demo and educational panel, taste every delectable sample, and drink every cocktail and glass of wine, but with limited time and events selling out quickly, here are our tips to help you make the most of this amazing gastronomical celebration.

1) Warm up with Thursday night’s Bar Bites party at the Westin

San Francisco isn’t just a mecca for food — our bartenders and mixologists are also world-class artisans.  Come to this party to get your palate warmed up with innovative and masterful cocktails, but not too many because the next morning you should be prepared to…

2) Find culinary enlightenment via panels, demos, and more at Friday’s Food Arts Industry Day

The “Rebel Within” is a physics-defying, mind-blowing muffin and we are beyond excited that its big secret along with other culinary mysteries will be revealed at the “How Did You Do That?” panel.  If that weren’t enough, the rest of the day will be packed cocktail expertise (‘Mixmasters’ Jam’), demos, and food.  We’re not surprised that this event is already sold out, but if you’re an industry-insider, beg and borrow your way in!

3) Enjoy cakes galore at the Friday Night Opening Celebration

The Grand Tasting Tent will launch with a bang on Friday night as San Francisco’s top pastry chefs start the weekend off with their most amazing cakes.  Eat this dessert first, because the rest of the gourmet samples and drinks offered by the evening’s restaurants and beverage purveyors will fill you up in no time.

4) Party the night away at the ‘Best Chefs’ After-Party at E&O Asian Kitchen

Its no secret we love E&O Asian Kitchen, and even sans Hubert Keller as our favorite chef-slash-DJ this year, Friday night is guaranteed to be a kickin’ party.

5) Cocktails before noon is okay if it’s part of the “DIY Cocktail Mixers” class

We’re probably very biased, but because the appeal of San Francisco cuisine is more than the food, it is only fitting that cocktail-aficionados also get a chance to learn from the local innovators and gurus of beverage-craft.

6) Reality TV doesn’t compare to the Eater Challenge

If there is one event to represent the best of SF Chefs, our undisputed pick is seeing local restaurant superstars up-close and personal in a cooking competition.  At this fast-paced, Iron-chef-like battle, you get to watch your favorite chefs create thoughtful on-the-fly dishes with a side of playful trash-talking blended with mutual respect and camaraderie.  Oh, and the judges aren’t exempt from giving / getting a hard time either.

7) Get back in the tent on Saturday night

The evenings are when the chefs come out to play, and on Saturday you’ll see lots of them, both behind the tables and enjoying themselves mingling around the tent.

8) Rule of Thumb: always go to the after-parties.  Saturday’s is at Bluestem Brassiere.

9) Experience the most incredible brunch ever created, in the Grand Tasting Tent on Sunday.

Finish the weekend with San Francisco’s top restaurants cooking up an unforgettable brunch, and yes, have a few more cocktails too!

We hope these tips are a useful guide for your SF Chefs food and drink adventure!  If you see us this weekend, please say hello!

Gamma Nine is proud to be a sponsor of the 2013 SF Chefs, working alongside the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, DPEM Event Marketing, Andrew Freeman & Co, Tannin Management, Noise 13, and countless sponsors, restaurants, industry professionals, and volunteers to produce the best food event in the world.

Photos in this post are Gamma Nine copyrighted images from 2011 and 2012 SF Chefs.

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