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G9 Lust List: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

February 5, 2013

This target of our lust is an altar to carbon fiber awesomeness, the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.


‘Sesto Elemento’ in Italian is literally translated “sixth element’ — a nod to the periodic table and chemistry, where carbon has the atomic number of six.  Utilizing the latest carbon fiber technology, the Sesto Elemento’s curb weight of just 2,202 lbs is less than that of Fiat 500’s and MINI Coopers!  ‘Gallardo’ — as in the Lamborghini model from which the Sesto Elemento borrows its V-10, 570 HP powertrain — is the Italian word for ‘bull’.  Combining high tech construction with incredible power produced this ridiculously light and epically fast car.

Lamborghini-Sesto-Elemento_side Lamborghini-Sesto-Elemento_back

The Sesto Elemento debuted as a concept car at the 2010 Paris Auto Show.  This year, much to the excitement of twenty potential owners, Lamborghini produced a limited run that is track-legal only, and also already sold out.  That’s probably for the better, as we did not have $2.6 million to spare anyway.


While past “G9 Lust List” heartthrobs like RED cameras, Land Rovers, and Jeeps tricked-out by AEV or TLC Icon could be remotely justified as “production gear”, the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is pure lust.

(Images curated from Lamborghini’s website)

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