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G9 Insider: Your ‘Off The Grid’ Secret to World Travel

February 1, 2013

With the new catchy terms such as “staycations”, “nearcations” and “localvores” being tossed around nowadays, Off The Grid is our hidden secret to economically satisfying our jet-setting habit and unique food cravings.  Shooting photography for Off The Grid and their PR team at Wagstaff Worldwide gives us the bonus blessings of being in-the-know about their exciting new markets on the inaugural openings day/nights.

What does this have to do with world travel?  Just take a look at the new ‘Lake Merritt @ OMCA’ market that opened last Friday:


Off The Grid captures that same uniqueness, vibe, and excitement that we experienced when we visited the night markets in Morrocco.   As Oaklanders came out to eat, dance, and celebrate along with the Oakland Museum of California, the atmosphere was filled with an incredible energy of fun, food, and friendship.

Even for the afternoon markets in the heart of San Francisco, there was an expectant and excited flow of financiers, designers, office workers, and those of all other walks of life as they came to Off The Grid at ‘Vallejo & Front’ to enjoy some new lunch options.  As we shot, we were transported thousands of miles away, reminded of the incredible street food we saw and tried in Shanghai.

Need recommendations?  Our vices are Koja Kitchen‘s kamikaze fries and Go Streatery‘s lemon ricotta doughnuts!

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  1. February 1, 2013 3:44 pm

    Fantastic photos. The great thing about Off the Grid, is that there’s always something for everyone!

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