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2012 Retrospective

January 11, 2013

2012 has been a year of tremendous fun and growth with exciting projects, events, and locales.  Thank you to all our clients, supporters, and fans who go to bat for us and encourage us as find a new rush at every shoot.

Here are some of the highlights from the past year:

Constellation National Sales and Marketing Meeting

Our typical experience of shooting well-produced and impeccably-decorated events was multiplied many-fold for one week in Monterey as Constellation Brands held elaborate sessions and meals every morning, afternoon, and evening for their teams to learn and get revved up about sales and marketing goals.  By the end of each night, we had thousands of pictures to sort, edit, and prepare to share with everybody by morning, when we began all over again.  Quite an intense but rewarding experience.

Meeting President Barack Obama

Best. Day. Ever.

 Travel Photography and Non-Profit Work

We had a busy year with our first time in Morocco, learning about bees in Italy, shooting Team Rubicon’s Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, traveling the Bourbon Belt, and drooling over incredible vehicles at Overland Expo

2012 Client Profile #1: Andrew Freeman & Co.

Working with Andrew Freeman & Co. puts us on the inside track of the latest food and hospitality happenings in San Francisco.  We had the privilege of seeing many restaurant openings and  photographing — then many-a-times, eating — some of the best food anywhere.

[Projects: E&O Asian Kitchen, Parc55’s Cityhouse, ICCA Chefs Summit, Monterey Plaza Hotel’s Schooners Coastal Kitchen & Bar, Perbacco’s Passover Dinner, SF Chefs Fall Dinner Series, Andrew Freeman’s 50th Birthday Jewbilee]

2012 Client Profile #2: DPEM

If there’s an amazing food, wine, or gala event happening in San Francisco, chances are the DPEM team had some part in making it happen.  We’ve been honored in 2012 for another year of getting a peek into these events to photograph their carefully-planned festivities and beautiful decor.

[Projects: Fallfest, Red Cross Gala, Campari’s Bartender’s on Ice, Wilkes Bashford Re-launches, La Cocina’s 4th Annual San Francisco Street Food Festival, Campari America Picnic, San Francisco magazine’s Best of the Bay Area party, SF Chefs, Bay Area Science Festival]

2012 Client Profile #3: EQ and Equine

Working with horses is a unique experience we hold dear, so we were excited to have EQ and Equine as a new client in 2012.  Their approach to emotional intelligence training through horses is inspirational, and made capturing beautiful imagery a joy.   We also had the privilege of working with their excellent team of instructors and horses to produce a series of videos to give a glimpse of the Eq and Equine learning experience.

2012 Location Profile: Metreon

We had projects throughout California (and the world!) in 2012, but often found ourselves at the Metreon in San Francisco and loved every moment of it.  The City View event space hosts many of the city’s biggest and classiest galas and parties. Downstairs from City View, 2012 marked the opening of the CityTarget and C9 Active Apparel store.  With quintessential San Francisco food and drink, the opening event was quite an event, capped later that weekend with C9’s RollerCity pop-up skating rink in the adjoining Yerba Buena Gardens.

[Projects: Best of the Bay Area party, CityTarget opening, C9 Active Apparel ‘RollerCity’, Metreon interior and exterior architectural photography]

What an amazing year 2012 was! We’re looking forward to even more excitement for 2013!

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