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G9 Insider: Brooklyn Boulders

January 3, 2013

Six days after Hurricane Sandy rushed the shores of New Jersey and New York, we arrived in Brooklyn, NY to what would be our home for the next five days: Brooklyn Boulders.


Brooklyn Boulders generously opened their doors to hundreds of Team Rubicon volunteers, acting as the central hub for all their post-Sandy disaster relief efforts. During the day, normal patrons climbed and enjoyed the labyrinth of bouldering routes and top-ropes. But by night, TR volunteers slumbered on crash pads.


Climbing gyms are unique locales, especially when you look deeper at their ecosystem. Having spent five days amongst the crowds, we quickly saw that Brooklyn Boulders is much more than just a gym — it’s a full-blown community: a melting pot of individuals from different ethnicities and professions coming together to crack walls of codes, challenging both their mind and body. We were inspired.

During our stay, we captured some candid photography of climbers in their element. Never a dull moment for a photographer in this environment.

bouldering overhang in front of indoor graffiti

bouldering grip strengthening

in front of the bouldering wall

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