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G9: The Epic Chronicles – Jesse Levin

December 8, 2012


Jesse Levin is the principal at Archer Group Investments and one of the most stealthy cultural chameleons we know.  He is a force to be reckoned with; developing powerful communities and networks that have given countless startups and nonprofits a fighting chance to make a positive difference in this world. When he’s not consulting  you can find him kite-boarding in Brazil, modeling in the Eastern Sierras, sailing the Agean Sea, rockclimbing in Brooklyn, attending leadership conferences in Japan, aiding in disaster relief in Haiti, or brokering commercial real estate in Panama (and that’s just in 2012). He is an unsung hero and a rare generational doer, if you do cross his path, watch out, good things will come in tidal waves.

This photo was captured at 6:13am while traveling down I-395 in the Eastern Sierras during a 4-day photo shoot with Triple Aught Design. The sunrise was breathtaking.

“The Epic Chronicles” is a Gamma Nine series of images highlighting the influential people we get to interact with throughout our photography journeys. These are individuals that motivate and inspire us and are the pivotal players behind the scenes. Check back every Friday for a new profile. 

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