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über Photography

December 6, 2012

über- prefix \ˈü-bər, ˈue-bər\

Definition: being a superlative example of its kind or class

The one thing that stays the same about event photography is the fact that nothing stays the same.  Every event is an exciting and unique opportunity to capture something different.  This is the challenge that keeps us on our toes, innovating, upgrading gear, and learning new techniques.  All this came into play when shooting an event for Uber earlier this week.


Uber is a transportation technology startup that we’ve been quite fond of. The NWBLK was a space we fell in love with that night.  With some props and a Lincoln Town Car parked in front of a white backdrop, the set-up was reminiscent of photo-booth-style photography.  Accordingly, we could have put up our lights to the left and right of our tripod-mounted camera and in a few minutes have a useable, albeit “flat“, shot.

To take things to a different level,  we approached this as if we were doing an editorial studio shoot: incorporating the character of the actual space, lighting with a bit of drama, and shooting handheld (without a tripod).  The result is more interesting than run-of-the-mill photo booth shots.

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