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G9: The Epic Chronicles – Andrew Stevens

November 30, 2012


Andrew Stevens is the Director of Operations at Team Rubicon (TR). He was an integral component to the success of Team Rubicon’s Hurricane Sandy disaster relief effort. Prior to joining TR, he served in the Marine Corps, was deployed to Iraq in 2003, and was the State Planner for Critical Infrastructure for the Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. He has an uncanny ability to pull out the most ridiculous jokes at a second’s notice, is a dedicated family man, and a general bad-ass (and sometimes a total softy).

This photo was captured in a small refugee settlement along the Burma/Thai border during a Team Rubicon mission in 2011. Burma (Myanmar) has been divided in a civil war for over five decades now, causing many land mine and civilian injuries. Over the course of two weeks, Gamma Nine had the privilege to join Stevens  and TR as they trained Burmese medics in trauma medicine.

“The Epic Chronicles” is a Gamma Nine series of images highlighting the influential people we get to interact with throughout our photography journeys. These are individuals that motivate and inspire us and are the pivotal players behind the scenes. Check back every Friday for a new profile. 

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