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G9 Insider: Good Food Award Judging

October 31, 2012

One reason we love our job is that it gives us the chance to be a part of inspiring movements, like the Good Food Awards.  Now in its third year, the Good Food Awards celebrates outstanding American food producers and the farmers who provide their ingredients.  Earlier this month, distinguished food entrepreneurs, cookbook authors, chefs, and other food-savvy professionals came together in San Francisco to judge the 1,366 entries.

We’ve been photographing the GFA since its inception, but this year we had the additional honor of serving as judges in the charcuterie category.  It was an excellent way to utilize some of the porcine expertise we’ve gleaned in the line of duty.

Before the blind tasting began, renowned chef and cure master Paul Bertolli highlighted factors that can impact the flavor, aroma, texture, and appearance of various types of charcuterie from jerky to head cheese.  The delicate balance of spices, cartilage, and fat content are just a few of the nuances that influence the outcome of the final products.

Elsewhere in the building that day, judges examined, smelled, slurped, and tasted their way through eight other categories of entries: beer, cheese, chocolate, coffee, confections, pickles, preserves, and spirits.  The rooms buzzed with technical chatter that underlined the extraordinary expertise and enthusiasm that all of the GFA participants brought to the table.  At this high level of scrutiny and commitment to the GFA standards, the winning entries promise to be nothing short of amazing.

Winners will be announced on January 18, and sold the following day at a special marketplace in the San Francisco Ferry Building.  After seeing first-hand the amount of hard work and passion that went into these awards, we know you’ll want to taste the winning products for yourself.

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