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G9 Lust List: Land Rover

September 12, 2012

LR4 off-camber

After attending Overland Expo 2012 and test-driving every vehicle in their 2012 line-up, we have become rather smitten with Land Rover (marketing win!). Pushing the technologically-advanced vehicles through the terrain course led us to truly understand their nimble and refined off-road prowess.

Each vehicle put the entire course to shame and seemed to travel effortlessly over the undulating bumps and steep descents. One of our favorite features was the Hill Descent Control (HDC)  system where you can literally take your foot off of the brake pedal as the vehicle carefully and controllably rolls down a steep pitch effortlessly.

Naturally, the Land Rover’s cockpit is also well equipped with both road and off-road premium amenities. The complete navigation system and eye-pleasing buttons and dials all lend themselves nicely to the well thought-out interior.

The LR4 dash includes a visual guide to wheel traction, suspension height and power displacement.

Not only did Land Rover of Las Vegas bring out a substantial fleet of new vehicles, but they also had older generations of Defenders, Discoverys, and some Land Rovers we’ve never even seen before.

Land Rover Discovery - Rover Parts West

Overland Expo was an amazing event, with some of the best seminars, clinics, and people we have ever encountered. Such passion, enthusiasm, and skills. We were humbled, inspired, and we absolutely cannot wait for next year!

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  1. October 26, 2012 11:06 am

    That’s a car and then a jeep. Just what tires are able to go through everything. Thanks for the article.


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