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G9 Lust List: In LowePro We Trust.

June 13, 2012

Other than our cameras and lenses, the other gear we use daily at Gamma Nine are our camera bags.  And believe it or not, we scrutinize over these essential gear pieces possibly even more than our camera bodies.

Our bags of choice? They’re made by Lowepro, a company headquartered locally in Petaluma, CA,  just an hour north of San Francisco.

Lowepro’s origins, like many companies we love, came from a need for high-performance adventuring gear.  As a climber, Greg Lowe created innovative backpacks/climbing gear and founded Lowe Alpine in 1967.  For his photography needs, he created the first Lowepro camera bag in 1972.

To get out and into the adventure, we use a Vertex 300 AW or Computrekker AW.  Lowepro bags make efficient use of space, allowing us to carry multiple cameras, lenses, computers, and accessories in a minimal amount of space.  Lowepro’s background in climbing backpacks shines here: the packs are well-balanced and comfortable.

Lowepro Vertex 300 AW

We’d like to say its the small things that count, but Lowepro got the big things right with two particular innovative features: the All-Weather Cover™ and integrated tripod mounts.  For extra protection above the water-resistant zippers, the All-Weather Cover protects our gear from drizzles to downpours.  The tripod mount on the bag provides a attachment point for a tripod without compromising the stability of the pack.

All-Weather Cover

For event photography, we make use of Lowepro lens cases and the Sliplock system to have multiple lenses easily-accessible attached to a Lowepro belt.

Lowepro belt with lens cases attached

This understated but well-loved brand is the choice of many photography professionals.  We count ourselves among the few Lowepro has accepted into its “Preferred Photographer” program that they use to interface with customers and get R&D feedback.

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