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G9 Lust List: RED Digital Cinema Cameras

April 12, 2012

We often post about brands we admire, many of which you have heard of. This next one could be the exception — unless you’re in the film/video industry, that is. Among these folks, the mention of a RED camera brings any discussion to a different level. Here’s why. The story of RED starts with a familiar brand: Oakley. The founder and genius behind Oakley, Jim Jannard is also an avid photographer and forward-thinking technologist.  His passion for imaging led him to create the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company. At a time when digital cinema was changing with HD , the RED was one step ahead with 4K capabilities which could be likened to a digital equivalent of film.  And while the visual output from these cameras is impressive, the modularity and customization of a RED ‘system’ is a game-changer.  The reason why RED makes the perfect camera for everyone is that everyone builds their own camera!  Around the “body” which provides the core functionality, there are infinite combinations of lenses, displays, mounts, recording media, power options and more.  The fun and excitement of every RED user is building the ecosystem of components and accessories to fit the particular needs of his or her style and project. The frosting on the cake is the aesthetic design.  The camera itself has an edgy and high-tech matte black design.  Each of the additional accessories and components have the same look, with  matching silver and red highlights.

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Want to see RED in action? There are countless incredible projects, but the one we’re excited to follow is ‘The Hobbit’ to be released in December.  You can  get the rundown from Peter Jackson himself in many of the behind the scenes videos already released. Images curated from

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