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The POTUS Experience.

March 8, 2012

A couple weeks back we were invited by one of our amazing clients, Triple Aught Design, to participate in a truly once in a lifetime experience. It all started with an obscure email requesting our full name, social security number, and birthdate. Hmm, that’s an odd request…

Another week went by, and before we knew it we were on a special bus being driven to a remote runway at the SFO Airport. A plethora of media, snipers, and Secret Service were waiting patiently as Air Force One was en route. We were actually going to meet the President of the United States in person. Wow.

In complete anticipation, thoughts were racing. What do we say? How to take photos and greet him at the same time? How do we get in a photo with him?!? Will we be able to say anything at all?! Yikes!

After roughly 45 minutes, Air Force One touched down with grace, its polished chrome wing flaps glistened under the sun. We thought, “Wow, that’s a pretty plane.”  Once it taxied to a stop 100 feet in front of us, a parade of staff, Secret Service, and journalists exited the rear door of the massive Boeing 747. Stairs were pulled up to the front exit door, and President Barack Obama emerged with his ever-charming smile, waving to us below.

San Francisco’s past and present mayors, Gavin Newsom and Ed Lee, and California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris greeted the President on the tarmac. He then made his way over to the corral of invited guests. Time started to stand still. Secret Service scanned the crowd with intense stares (it was apparent they took their jobs very seriously), but Obama looked cool and calm as he genuinely engaged everyone. He moved slowly down the line. Our good friend Bernard Antolin (editor-in-chief of dodged the hand shake and opted for the fist-bump. Classic.

Bernard Antolin, Editor-in-Chief of meets Commander-in-Chief of the United States

We were next up in line and respectfully we dropped the camera to our side and shook the President’s hand. Saying it was surreal would be an understatement. He was then quickly whisked off into the insanely-fortified Presidential Cadillac. And off they went in a 25 car motorcade.

A BIG BIG thanks to all of our great friends over at Triple Aught Design for making this incredible opportunity a reality. It was definitely an experience we’ll never forget.

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