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G9 Lust List: TLC Icon

February 23, 2012

In these California “winter” months, we haven’t had much to scoff at this year.  San Francisco is going to be a treacherous  70 degrees today — perfect for a drive down the iconic  Highway 1 in one of the many sports cars we ogle daily.  When we think about leaving the city for an adventure, though, TLC Icon and their amazing creations come to mind.

Each ICON is hand-built, from the frame of a vintage Toyota Land Cruiser, Jeep, or Bronco, and re-engineered to be the toughest 4×4’s available.  How tough?  The steering wheel is industrial-grade and sourced from Catapillar, the dashboard vents are Cessna parts, the center console is a legally a gun-lockbox… you get the idea. If we were ever shooting in a remote place in Moab Utah, ICON would be our vehicle of choice.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos from the  TLC Inc. website; while they inspire us, they are not shot by Gamma Nine.

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