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G9 Travel Guide: 48 hours in Yangshuo, China

June 14, 2011

8am – Day 1

We embarked for Yangshuo early in the morning from a tourist riddled gathering point on the Lower Li River. Our guide and onboard concierge waved a blue flag as we followed like well trained cattle, herding us efficiently onto 1 of the 40 boats about to leave.

Karst Formations

Once on the river, the tranquility took over and the haze and low-lying cloud cover lent itself for some amazing landscape imagery.

Cormorant Fisherman

We spent the better half of the day zipping on and off the roof deck as monsoon season was determined to soak our Nikon gear. We were wined and dined and enjoyed platters of unidentifiable chinese eats (cooked on the rear of the boat, see below).

There was great anticipation. Yangshuo was this magical destination only seen via google images and Art Wolfe’s: Travels to the Edge. We weren’t sure if 48 hours was going to be enough. I started panicking. We were in awe around every long river bend, could Yangshuo be more beautiful than this?

2pm – Day 1 

Behold Yangshuo

Arriving at Yangshuo confirmed everything. A truly unique city carved into the jutting karsts; everything we could have imagined and more.

Precariously we were greeted by an onslaught of torrential rain…

Yanshuo Monsoon

We found the worlds most beautiful McDonald’s (funny to encounter this in China).

Yangshuo McDonalds

Unfortunately, cat and dog are still acceptable forms of sustenance in Yangshuo. We definitely saw some things we wished we hadn’t.

City Center of Yangshuo

5pm – Day 1 

Plenty of things to see, just walk the streets and be amazed.

You can get a 60 minute manipulation.

... or go to the riverfront gym...

...or scout climbing routes...

9pm – Day 1 

Go to Festina Lente, order some homemade gnocchi and a 7 rmb local beer. Say hello to our friends and owners, David and Lydia. Their breakfast is a stellar treat for a western visitor. Enjoy some shisha next door and cruise the streets on weekend nights for a bustle of bars and clubs.

2am – Day 1 – Bed

So far we were impressed. It was clear that the Yulong was the best destination for a 10 hour journey the following day. We booked our mountain bike for the next day and turned in.

Day 2 – The Yulong Journey.

Dragon Bridge

Stay Tuned…

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  1. June 14, 2011 1:45 pm

    I really like the mistiness of the first one, and the shot of the cormorant fisherman is amazing.


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