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G9 Travel Guide to China: 4 diverse cities – 48 hours of photography and food in each

May 11, 2011

There are tons of great travel books out there to aid you in your journeys abroad. They recommend restaurants, landmarks, parks, and other must sees of a city. At Gamma Nine we believe a journey should be inspired and dictated by adventure, seeking the unknown, and stumbling into places off the beaten path.

Over the course of the next 3 weeks we will present our biased findings to aid the photographer, adventurer, and foodie throughout a couple regions of China’s vast land. We’ll also pepper in some badass photography for your viewing pleasure.

Century Park – Shanghai

We traveled throughout 4 cities, including Shanghai, Guilin, Hong Kong, and the isolated and majestic Yangshuo. Each unique in their own way. We saw stark contrasts, ate a lot of ‘interesting’ things, and met some definite characters.

Traveling thru China without speaking the language isn’t as difficult as one might imagine. The Chinese are extremely friendly people and always willing to point you in the right direction. An interesting recurring observation throughout all of China was the complete lack of aggression and negativity. Drivers will cut each other off in gridlock traffic and people will push tensely on the subway but no passing looks of contempt, people just move forward with their daily routine. Something we really didn’t expect.

We were very fortunate to have partnered up with Triple Aught Design to work on some specialty photography throughout the trip. They very graciously provided us with some well needed technical apparel that could handle serious use and abuse. We also packed just a bit of gear for this trip, all housed in the Lowepro – Vertex 300 AW a comfy, breathable, and supportive backpack. Here’s a list of the contents for all you tech junkies wondering what a travel photographer actually lugs around. We have a new found appreciation for photographer Art Wolfe and his crew.

The Gear:

Below are some of the topics that we will be focusing on in the subsequent posts:

Food that you MUST eat.

Photographing activities you won

See things from a different angle.

Where and how to shoot above average architecture photography.

Keep checking back as we’ll have new posts regularly.


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