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Cut Copy and Holy Ghost – The Regency SF

April 19, 2011

Photography is a great art. You can be challenged in so many ways and we now have a much greater appreciation for live music photographers. We recently got the opportunity to shoot the Cut Copy and Holy Ghost concert in SF; a ton of fun and particularly difficult.

With the light changing every second, there is no room for any auto settings. We shot in full manual, over exposing most of the images and using an ISO of 1600+.

Editing is difficult with inconsistent lighting and heavy blues and reds spilling all over the place. Lots of unavoidable saturation.

The music was stellar, Holy Ghost killed it as an opening act and Cut Copy brought so much energy that the dance floor was literally pulsating.

For the complete set of images check out our flickr stream here: Flickr Gamma<9>

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  1. pop-eye permalink
    May 23, 2011 12:50 pm

    Great photo’s, was thinking of going to china for a while now and your photos are
    helping make my mind, commented on this one cos in the top photo, guy,
    second row, centre, looks like he painted eyes on his eyelids…

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