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Mission Workshop

April 15, 2011

A true San Francisco Company, Mission Workshop, designs, develops and creates gear that has a clean aesthetic while outperforming its competition. Known primarily for their bags MW prides itself on offering products produced in America with a lifetime warranty. Never massed produced, MW has striven to ensure their messenger bags and backpacks achieve  excellence through small batch creation with an intense focus on flawlessness.

The Shed is a 2,150 cu. in. weatherproof roll top messenger bag, made for those who carry more than the average cyclist

Mission Workshop’s continued production of excellent bags and outer wear is what first caught Gamma Nine’s attention. However, our appreciation for this brand goes further than their product line. They pride themselves on an unmatched aesthetic, one that is seen in their products as well as into the entire business. From its crisp, clean and intuitive website to the images that it uses in its marketing, MW has grounded itself as the premier manufacturer of cycling, travel and daily routine products that can last a lifetime.

The Vandal backpack, Featured in the video above

Orion Waterproof Jacket

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