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Rogue DZN

April 8, 2011

Every so often a new company comes along that changes the way we look at things. In every industry innovation is key, including Jewelry and Mens Accessories. Rogue DZN saw that need for innovation in mens jewelry, with the help of military software and G5 Aerospace Titanium they have managed to achieve that goal.

Rogue Clover: a three-piece modular Mil-spec G5 titanium ring

Founder and CEO Matthew Tremblay  (also Chief Designer at RED digital cinema, one of the best professional camera designers and producers in the country) started Rogue DZN with a mission to change the way we make mens jewelry, what we use in that jewelry and the pride you have while wearing it. Each piece is machine made, the revolver alone takes 48 hours to produce each individual ring, with the highest grade titanium so they’ll last long after you and the next three generations of your family have owned them.

Gamma Nine salutes Rogue DZN for their innovation and unique spin on the world of Mens Accessories. Our hats off to their marketing efforts and amazing brand design, we can’t wait to add any of the amazing pieces to our individual collection.

Rogue G5-Galleon:36-part front-shield creates a perfect golden rectangle, completely absent of any flat surfaces

Rogue Linkage: intricate surfacing, sublime tool-paths and exposed proprietary bolts add a subtle but powerful accent to formal attire

Rogue VX-Turbine

The Rogue VX-Turbine in Action

*All photos found on this blog are owned by Rogue DZN. Gamma Nine did not take any of these photos, they are simply being showcased as brands we admire*
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