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Whiskey enthusiasts unite; Whiskies of the World comes to SF March 26th

March 22, 2011

Taken from the the word Usquebaugh, meaning ‘Water of Life’, Whiskey (or Whisky for those produced in Scotland, Canada or Japan) has been called one of those most complex spirits in the world. This year’s Whiskies of the World will be taking place on the San Francisco Belle Hornblower Yacht, docked at pier 3. General Admission Tickets are still available, and will set you back $110. The event goes from 6pm-10pm and will feature 70 brands from around the world as well as a full buffet dinner and cigars on the top deck. Mixologist classes and classes about pairings will also be available to take part in.

With this weekends Whiskey event I thought we could approach the argument on how best to drink Whiskey. When it comes to enjoying whiskey there is no solid truth for what is the best practice. Have it on the rocks, neat, a splash of water, soda or tea. Enjoy it in one of the many fantastic whiskey cocktails such as a manhattan, an old fashioned or a mint julep. However, if you want to appreciate the taste and experience of whiskey, then here are some proper tasting guidelines:

  1. Start of with a bulbous glass. The official glass is called a ‘nosing’ glass, but really a wine glass will also work.
  2. Pour the spirt in and twirl, similar to wine. You want to release as much of the aroma as possible as this makes up for almost 60% of the complexity of the taste
  3. Serve the whiskey cool, but not cold. About 60 degrees is perfect
  4. Add just a touch of still water. Avoid ice at all costs to truly taste the spirit. THe still water will open the spirit up for proper tasting
  5. Take a big swig and hold it in your mouth. Concentrate on the flavors you experience. As you swallow think about how your mouth feels, how long the flavor lingers and the aftertaste.

Not able to make the Whiskies of the world expo but still want to take your love of the spirit to the next level? Try aging your own! Woodville Whiskey Co. is providing clients the ability to age their own whiskey with their mini-barrel aging kit. The kit includes two 750 ml bottles of 110 proof white dog un-aged whiskey (which is white and clear, so neat) and a 2 liter aging barrel. The barrel can be used up to 5 times and the aging process takes about 3-6 months…depending on your taste. Retailing for just $170 this is a truly unique experience. However, this product is only available in Washington state, with out-of-state orders hopefully coming soon.

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