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Maple Bacon Latte’s

March 11, 2011

With our latest post about Cochon555 I started to really think about the pig. Bouquets of bacon are nice and pig roasts are fantastic but what if I wanted to take my love for pork to the next level. I started to experiment with different recipes such as bacon chocolate chip cookies and bacon brownies. But, my thirst for the next level of bacon consumption wasn’t fulfilled. I began to research ‘the next best thing’, almost giving up in my quest, I came upon what I believe is an experience any pork lover must try.

The Maple Bacon Latte at Pirate Cat Radio

Tucked away in San Francisco’s Mission district and cleverly hidden as a Vegan Bakery and Pirate Cat Radio station I found the holy grail. Maple Bacon Latte’s. Let that settle for just a second…Maple Bacon Latte’s. This creation is a work of art; combining real maple syrup with coffee and refined rendered pork fat. They even add some bacon bits (not real unfortunately) for an added little crunch. This drink is devilish, when you drink it, you develop a slight film of pork goodness in your mouth, the combination of flavors leaving what might best be described as a perfect sip of coffee after a perfect bite of pancakes and bacon. Be still my beating heart. No, literally, this is not one I would recommend for daily consumption as your arteries will revolt against you.

Yes please!

Not only do they make a great pork latte, but the Vegan Baked goods are also fantastic. The atmosphere is very hip, with the back end of the cafe housing a Pirate Radio Station (87.9 fm) which spins some pretty great Indie Music that can be heard in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Germany and the front populated with a mixed crowd of people who know what simple luxury is.

Careful preparation leads to a perfect cup

As an added present:

Simple Bacon Chocolate chip cookies:


1 package of pillsbury pre-made cookie dough

6 slices of bacon

  1. Fry the bacon to a decent crisp texture without burning
  2. Cut or crumble the bacon into small bits
  3. Combine bacon bits with cookie dough
  4. Follow package instructions for baking

You will have perfect bacon chocolate chip cookies in 20 minutes, go ahead give them a try.

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