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March 4, 2011

Here at Gamma Nine we love evocative, compelling and intelligent imagery. When we’re not creating our own, we are constantly consuming the work of others in admiration and for inspiration. One of our favorite brands is Betabrand.

This San Francisco based company is remarkably unique not only in their products but also in their use of social media and the internet. Taking advantage of user generated content, they have crafted an amazing brand image and community. With pieces like the classic Cordarounds (horizontal corduroy pants), the Reversible Smoking Jacket and Privates, a new underwear still in development that will subtly blur a travelers private parts from body scanners without interfering with security.

It’s easy to see how such off the wall products, produced in limited quantities would lead to a feverishly devout customer base. With enthusiasts providing content and media of the products in action and a creative marketing team spinning the web brand identity, Betabrand is truly an online store success story worth paying attention to.

Check out the images below of some of Betabrands cool pieces and check out their website.

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The Betabrand Cornucopia bag, perfect for SF Farmers Markets

Privates, still in development, sure to ease your worries with TSA seeing your business

Gluttony Pants, a must have for a foodie on a binge

The Reversiable Smoking Jacket in Black, for when you want to be the most interesting man in the world

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